Tanzania International Model UN 2017 envision to empower youth on diplomacy and leadership by providing training and practices on complex topics that will enhance their negations skills and reaching consensus on issues that are crosscutting in their national interests. We are living in the world where bold diplomacy and leadership is highly needed since grooming youth in this arena will contribute to prosperity of nations by having peoples owned decisions.

Solutions to serious challenges such as maternal health and success of family planning particularly in Africa, South Asia and Latin America need youth to be at the centre and be able to drive the changes the world want to see.

Education has power to unlock and correct what we see today as challenge. Education for sustainable development needs young leaders and diplomatic one who can influence changes in education system but also taking actions that can be referred as best practices on what they are advocating for.

Having no option for planet B, youth are to be empowered with big picture of climate change and contribution of shift to clean and renewable energy in saving our only habitable planet so far. Youth have power to make desired outcome true, when their informed and understand the future implications in delay for taking actions.

Maintaining global peace and security youth need to be involved. Today youth takes larger portion of global population since are group that can positively or negatively affect democracy and peace in their countries. Youth are leadersĀ of today and one responsible in keeping community in peace and harmony.