About YUNA


The Youth of the United Nations Association (YUNA) of Tanzania is a youth-led non-governmental organization (NGO) that works to promote the work of the UN and further its objectives among youth in Tanzania. YUNA started as the youth section of the United Nations Association in Tanzania (UNA) in 1996. YUNA was found entirely to support the purpose and principles of the United Nations Charter, and to promote public awareness and understanding of the activities of the United Nations and its agencies. YUNA registered as a fully-fledged national NGO. We seek to promote the work of the UN amongst Tanzanian youth in various ways and the Model United Nations (MUN) is among those ways. YUNA Tanzania is now organizing the Tanzania International Model United Nations (TIMUN 2017) to be held in Tanzania. YUNA has also been hosting MUN’s on an annual basis, and since 1997, we have conducted Model UN conferences successfully 13 times.

Our aim is to get young people more involved in global governance and foster greater awareness and understanding between people and cultures. We are also involved in issues and concerns related to the United Nations including Human Rights, Environment, Conflicts Prevention, Health, Sustainable Development, and Education, Building a culture of peace, and work to further these goals. We work to promote increased public awareness and debate of these crucial international issues. Our activities are divided between campaigns and events. We run nationwide campaigns on specific issues of importance as they arise. Our events enable us to learn more about the UN explore and discuss these issues, meet with UN-Clubs, organizing local events for our members. We are also involved in organizing Model United Nations simulations and educational events.

YUNA is one of the youth-led NGO’s that works closely with the United Nations System in Tanzania. It has a network of 200 UN Clubs in secondary schools and 35 UN Chapters in Universities which aim to raise awareness among young people on the work of the United Nations. YUNA envisions at bringing young people closer to the United Nations system in the support of ideas, principles, and purposes of the UN in Tanzania.