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TIMUN; A Stepping Stone to Greatness

The Youth of United Nations Association of Tanzania has been hosting Tanzania International model United Nations since 2013 as a new modality of the former Model United’s which used to involve participants from only Tanzania mainland and Zanzibar isles. The new version was started to incorporate participants from other countries as well and provide a networking opportunity for Tanzania youth.
TIMUN has been a life changing experience ever since I first attended in 2015 in Dodoma at Pius Msekwa hall and 2016 in Arusha at East African Community, Tanzania. Both conferences have been a great opportunity for me to share and learn from youth all across Africa and outside Africa. These conferences have also been an inspiration to me to always strive to become a better person, even more responsible, discover my passion and work hard towards accomplishing it and lastly understand my role and values as a youth in my community and country in general. The 2016 Tanzania International Model United Nations in Arusha opened a door for me to become the 50 Sustainable Development Goals Youth Champions in Tanzania. We received training about the 17 Sustainable Development Goals and what should be done to accomplish them by 2030.This is a call to every individual and most especially youth because it’s our future we are building. It begins with US, it begins with me. Being an SDG’s champion has made me realize my potential, capabilities and how the little things I can do for my community can make a great impact and inspire people around me but also built in me a strong spirit of Volunteering.
I have no doubt that TIMUN 2017 will be another life changing the opportunity to many and a wonderful experience to share and learn, improve leadership skills and diplomatic skills. I have strong faith in the organization committee and that TIMUN 2017 is going to be the BEST MUN ever happened since 2013. The competition was high, with more than a thousand applicants; I am truly honored to be among the chosen applicants to attend #TIMUN2017. Congratulations to all the chosen applicants.
To all applicants who didn’t get the chance this time, there is always next time. Therefore be part of the Youth of United Nations Association in Tanzania (YUNA) and volunteer and involve in different matters of community, to become the change we want to see.
Hugh Allen said, “Jumping at several small opportunities may get us there more quickly than waiting for one big one to come along.

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