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TIMUN Application opens

Dear Young People Around The World

Greetings from YUNA Tanzania (Youth of United Nations Association). YUNA is organising its annual flagship conference known as Tanzania International Model UN. For 2017 our theme is ” Empowering Youth in Diplomacy and Leadership”. The conference is expected to be held at Arusha International Conference Centre from 22nd to 26th May 2017.
The TIMUN 2017 aim to enhance diplomacy and leadership skills among youths.

The objectives of TIMUN 2017 are:-
1 To provide a clear understanding of multilateral cooperation and diplomacy;
2.To strengthen diplomacy and leadership skills;
3.To improve the ability to anticipate evolving scenarios of complex issues in contemporary world.

The Committee Topics for TIMUN 2017 are:-
1.Maternal health and Family Planning
2.Democracy and Peace in Developing Countries
3.Energy Shift to Renewable Technology
4.Education for Sustainable Development


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